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Proifeiseanta grating fuasgladh solaraiche. Top grating-saothrachaidh ann an Sìona.

Iarr òrdugh

Fàilte gu ar companaidh

Mar dèidhinn

Ningbo Jiulong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd (NJMM)
'S e aon de na prìomh luchd-dèanaimh a' speisealachadh ann an dèanamh press-thàthadh stàilinn grating ann an Sìona. Suidhichte ann an ainmeil port bhaile -Ningbo.
Tha goireasach trafaig agus na b location le dìreach 30 mionaid ann an càr gu Ningbo Lishe International Airport agus dìreach 25 mionaid ann an càr gu Ningbo Port-ainmeil eadar-nàiseanta na phort-mara leis a 'bhuannachd neo-silting, uisge-domhainn is deigh saor-uile bliadhna cruinn.


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  • The director of Zhejiang Province Department of Commerce, Mr. Wang Jian come to visit our company
    On April 8,  we warmly welcomed Mr. Wang Jian, the director of Zhejiang Province Department of Commerce coming to visit our company, conducting research and providing guidance on our work.   Under the increasingly serious situation of globally widespread COVID-19 pandemic, the export economy...
  • While it’s not time to panic over COVID-19, which is caused by the coronavirus, it’s certainly time to plan as it has created havoc worldwide. Some of the advice is simple common sense, but it’s worth repeating to reduce the risks from this virus. (1) Stay home Sick employees should not go to wor...
  • Forlift operation skill competition
    To celebrate our 25th Anniversary on Oct 27th, our company holds a lot of warming up activities, like Forklift operation skills competition.
  • Our 25th Anniversary!!!
    On 2018 Oct 27th, NJMM celebrates our 25th Anniversary.
  • neartachadh welder ghnìomhaiche trèanaidh a 'comharrachadh an G20
    On the occasion of the G20 summit approaching, the company in order to strengthen the sense of quality, improve product quality, invite the professionanstructor do the professional operating training for the welders operatives.  
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