• the advantages of Pressure welded steel grating

    Pressure welded steel grating usually made of low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, is a grating with meshes. We can fabricate in accordance with customers’ requirement of pressure welded steel grating. With the hot-dip galvanized coating, its corrosion resistance and durability h...
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  • Application of Bar Grating

    The bar grating is widely used in our daily life, such as stair tread grating, platform grating, etc. Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kind steel bar grating. We have advanced equipments, full-fledged technology as well as rich manufacture and management experience i...
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  • Heavy duty steel grating

    Heavy duty steel grating is a steel grating product specially developed for special load-bearing occasions. Structural features: Steel grating plate with flat steel width of more than 65mm and bearing flat steel thickness of 6mm or more; cross bar is usually flat steel or steel with diameter of ...
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  • The introduction of steel grating

    Steel grating is a kind of open steel member which the bearing bar & corss bar are jointed at their intersections by welding or locking. The bearing bar is that the main load carrying bar made from slit sheet, extending in the direction of the grating span.The cross bars are connectors, made ...
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  • The ERP project initiation meeting

    On June 4, our company held the ERP project launch conference. Our general manager and the department heads as well as the software company project leaders attended the meeting. In the meeting, the person in charge of Jindie ERP project introduced to us the features and service of the ERP softw...
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  • the best sports to keep fit

    Besides running, what is the best sports for our Chinese to keep fit? Of course, the badminton game! It can make you as strong as the most durable heavy duty steel grating!       The real benefit it brings to you: your joints will become more stable and youll be less likely to have bleeds an...
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  • High safety level of working environment is appreciated by the department director Mr. Zhou

    In early May, wildflowers are booming everywhere. Mr. Zhou, department director of the Organization Department of Zhenhai District People’s Government paid our factory a visit.  He went to front production line and talked with workers, cared very much of life situations and their working environm...
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  • The director of Zhejiang Province Department of Commerce, Mr. Wang Jian come to visit our company

    The director of Zhejiang Province Department of Commerce, Mr. Wang Jian come to visit our company

    On April 8,  we warmly welcomed Mr. Wang Jian, the director of Zhejiang Province Department of Commerce coming to visit our company, conducting research and providing guidance on our work.   Under the increasingly serious situation of globally widespread COVID-19 pandemic, the export economy...
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  • Precautions for COVID-19

    While it’s not time to panic over COVID-19, which is caused by the coronavirus, it’s certainly time to plan as it has created havoc worldwide. Some of the advice is simple common sense, but it’s worth repeating to reduce the risks from this virus. (1) Stay home Sick employees should not go to wor...
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