Advantage of Serrated Steel Grating

Serrated steel grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost-efficient production and ease of installation. And our Jiulong serrated grating also has non-slip characteristics, no sharp edges and serrations are rolled on, to meet strict health and safety requirements.

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Serrated Steel Grating is made of mild steel.

When the gratings are used in particular wet environments or in places where extra non-slip properties are required, serrated bars will be an advantage.

Advantages of Serrated Steel Grating:

High strength and high load carrying capacity.
Non-slip, anti-corrosion, not easy to deform.
High security performance.
Do not accumulate rain, snow and dust.
The appearance is simple and beautiful.
Easy to install and remove for extended life.

Application of Serrated Steel Grating:

Serrated Steel Gratings are widely used in industrial, commercial and commercial building platforms, stair treads, sidewalks and floors.



Post time: Oct-13-2020
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