Application of Bar Grating

The bar grating is widely used in our daily life, such as stair tread grating, platform grating, etc.

Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kind steel bar grating. We have advanced equipments, full-fledged technology as well as rich manufacture and management experience in press-welded steel grating. we not only produce the bar grating according to customer’s inquiry, but also we can research and develop new products.

Bar Grating is an economical-effective building material due to its low manufacturing cost, high load strength, and adaptableness to most industrial or industrial applications.

There are several application for Bar Gratings.Like walkways, platforms, stairs, grills, ramps, fences, vaults, loading docks, hearth escapes, ventilated trash can floors, food preparation areas, windows, and mechanical grilles guardrails, washstands, pedals, ventilation nets and additional.悉尼观光项目chenxiao2





Post time: Jun-23-2020
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