Precautions for COVID-19

While it’s not time to panic over COVID-19, which is caused by the coronavirus, it’s certainly time to plan as it has created havoc worldwide.

Some of the advice is simple common sense, but it’s worth repeating to reduce the risks from this virus.

(1) Stay home

Sick employees should not go to work.

Be especially mindful of employees who have symptoms similar to acute respiratory ailments such cough, fever and shortness of breath. Employees should stay home for at least 14 day until these symptoms are clear.

Because doctors may be swamped from chaos caused by the coronavirus, don’t require a doctor’s release to miss work. Allow employees to remain home for stricken family members.

If any employees show to work with symptoms similar to respiratory illness, promptly send them home. Send them home also if they appear to become sick at work.

Notify employees of possible exposure to the coronavirus if one of your workers contracts COVID-19.


(2) Absolute cleanliness

Obtain CDC posters that show good hygiene practices. Display them in your workplace.

Employees should be reminded to wash their hands with soap and water regularly for at least 20 seconds. Or they should use alcohol-based hand sanitizers that have a minimum of 60-percent alcohol.

Provide your staff with soap, water, alcohol-based sanitizers, tissues, and no-touch waste baskets.

Also remind them to cover their mouths and noses with a tissue when they cough or sneeze. The tissue should be discarded right away. If no tissue is readily available, they should use an elbow.


(3) Cleaning

From workstations and keyboards to countertops and doorknobs, regularly clean all surfaces in your facility. Continue to use the customary cleaning agents and the recommended directions.

Again, with the alcohol-based sanitizers, tell your employees to wipe all surfaces before they touch them.

The santilization should be applied to all working place after work to make sure the environment is clean.

(4) Travel

Employees should be reminded to take recommended precautions before they travel.

Employees should be certain they don’t have coronavirus-like symptoms before leaving on trips. If they are sick, they should call their doctor and notify their supervisor right away.

That includes seeing a health-care provider or checking with a medical-assistance firm to get the best-possible health-care provider for treatment.

(5) Temperature checking

It is very important for the company security team to check every employee’s temperature before they enter into the working place, also they should check the temperature again before they leave for home. Report all the abnormal temperatures and keep close watch and isolation policy should be taken until temperature stays normal for 14 days.

(6) Wearing Masks

People should change their mind that masks are for sick people only, under special situation like corona-virus,  wearing masks is the most important precaution to protect yourself from virus. Make sure masks are freely supplied by the company and please do wear masks when you are not alone.

We sincerely hope that the global virus situation will be controlled by the governments, but personal precautions should also be well taken to protect yourself.

Post time: Apr-09-2020
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