Fabricated steel bar grating

Bar Grating Fabricating

Bar grating offers the ideal combination of strength, long-term reliability, safety and economy. Especially when Marco fabricates it to our clients specifications. Our warehouse is stocked with bar grating, but many of our clients need custom fabricated grating. We can customize bar grating projects of any size and scope. From a simple weld to complete catalyst screen we are here to help.

We are a leading fabricator of custom carbon steel bar grating for commercial and industrial applications. Our capabilities include precision cutting, piece-marking, notching and welding.

A combination of carbon and iron, carbon steel is known for high strength, temperature resilience and affordably. It’s classified by the carbon and iron mix, with low-to-mid carbon steel having less than 0.3 percent carbon and high carbon steel containing up to two percent.



Post time: Nov-09-2020
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