Heavy duty steel grating

Heavy duty steel grating is a steel grating product specially developed for special load-bearing occasions.

steel grating 25

Structural features:

Steel grating plate with flat steel width of more than 65mm and bearing flat steel thickness of 6mm or more; cross bar is usually flat steel or steel with diameter of 10mm or 12mm; flat steel spacing is generally 40mm The cross bar spacing is generally 50mm, 100mm optional.

Heavy duty steel grating advantages:

Heavy duty steel grating is larger than the common steel grating model, and its own weight can reach several hundred kilograms. The Heavy duty steel grating shape process and characteristics are the same as ordinary steel grating. The biggest feature of heavy steel gratings is their large load carrying capacity and the strongest impact resistance. If there is a requirement for anti-slip effect, it is recommended to use a toothed steel grating to provide better friction. It is the first choice for some places with large loads.

Heavy duty steel gratings have strength for heavy duty areas such as airports, highways, factories, truck and bus terminals, parking lots and railway stations. Commonly used are floor, driveway, subway and tunnel ventilation grille, roadside entrance grille, ramp, dock and so on.

Post time: Jun-19-2020
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