Press Locked Steel Grating

Press-locked grating is also called pressure locked grating or press-locked steel bar grating.

With the cross bars and bearing bars are notched and pressed together through a high pressure manufacturing process.


Specifications of press-locked steel grating:

Materials: low carbon steel and stainless steel.

Surface treatment: galvanized, painted or powder coated.

Surface type: Plain and serrated

Features of press-locked steel grating:

Good air, light and water circulation.

Light weight. high bearing capability and high strength.

Firm and durable.

Easy to install and remove.

Extended the lifespan

Excellent lateral stiffness.

Non-silp. anti-corrosion.

Press-locked grating can be used combined with checker plate for further skip resistance.

Application of press-locked steel grating:

Security screens in commercial buildings

Municipal engineering as tree covers, trench covers and drainage covers


Walkways in industrial factories or parks

Modular mezzanine structures

Bridges for vehicles and pedestrians

Marine industries as working platform

3mm press lock grating

Post time: Apr-16-2021
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