Stainless steel grating


Stainless steel grating has been the standard industrial foot walk product for severe corrosive environments and has been a popular grating choice for many years. All forms of light duty and close mesh carbon steel grating are also available in stainless steel (both 304 &316). Stainless steel is great in corrosive environments and environments that need to keep clean such as food and chemical plants. Welded stainless steel grating can experience discoloration during the welding of the crossbars to the bearing bars. Passivation and bead-blasting are available to make the grating stand out and appear new for years to come. This process also removes the discoloration caused by welding. Swaged and dove tail options are popular for stainless steel as discoloration does not occur.

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Ningbo Jiulong manufactures stainless swaged bar grating from type 304 and 316 stainless steel bar. Stainless steel grating is used at chemical plants, food processing facilities, oil and gas producers and is also used in many other commercial and architectural applications.
Stainless steel bar grating is a choice for corrosive environments such as chemical, food and hydro processing areas. It is available in welded and press locked as well as in many bearing bar sizes


Steel gratings can be installed in two ways: welding is advisable for those of permanent use without being removed/ dismantled. Just weld it onto the support with specific location at the first piece of flat steel of each corner of the plate. Fillet weld is required with weld length not less than 20 mm and height not less than 3 mm. Installation Clips, which will not destroy the zinc coat and be easy to remove, are available.




Post time: Sep-24-2020
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