The introduction of steel grating

Steel grating is a kind of open steel member which the bearing bar & corss bar are jointed at their intersections by welding or locking.
The bearing bar is that the main load carrying bar made from slit sheet, extending in the direction of the grating span.The cross bars are connectors, made from twisted bar/round bar or flat bar, which extend across the bearing bars.
Our Steel Bar Grating is manufactured through the forged welding process that consists in welding steel cross rods to perpendicular and equal bearing bars. We can from the flat steel production to the finished product production, complete the whole production process, and do not need to purchase the flat bar from the market.
Using high precision pressure welding equipment and flat steel automatic tipping machine, make the production entered into half automation, reduce the cost of artificial cost and polished
Application of the Steel Bar Grating

2.Port Engineering
3.Oil Refinery
4.Power Plants
5.Ship Building
6.Airport Project

6. Airport Project





Post time: Jun-16-2020
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