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Profésional grating solusi supplier. Top grating produsén di Cina.

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Ningbo Jiulong mesin Manufaktur Co., Ltd (NJMM)
Dupi salah sahiji ngarah pabrik specializing dina ngahasilkeun waja pencét-dilas grating di Cina. Lokasina di kota palabuan kawentar -Ningbo.
Cai mibanda lalulintas merenah tur lokasi punjul kalayan ngan 30-menit drive ka Bandara Internasional Lishe Ningbo na ngan 25-menit drive mun Ningbo Port-port laut kawentar internasional jeung kauntungan tina non-silting, jero-cai jeung és-gratis sadayana sataun buleud.


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  • Longta stair tread is made of steel grating, and widely used in all steel ladder.The surface treatment of stair tread is hot dip galvanized. There are 8 types of treads distinguished by different nosing & installation. ( 1 ) According to the anti slipping demand, the stair tread can be divid...
  • Jiulong Machinery is recognized as a leader in the field of steel grating manufacturing. Since its inception in 1992, it served conventional energy sectors by providing innovational intelligent machineries to upgrade thermal power stations. In 2002-2003, with an insight into prospective steel ind...
  • Ningbo Jiulong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd  On July 24th, 2020, we held the 2020 Mid-year Work Conference. By hard working of all the staff, we achieved brilliant performace in the past six months. Output: we have completed 61.5% of the annual volume. We produced more than 38,500 tons of On ...
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    trench cover

     Trench Drain Cover Gratings, secured with hinged lid and connection, are steel lattice panels formed with simple lines. It’s an ideal replacement drainage covers for conventional cast iron materials.         Appearance: simple lines. Silver exterior, modern trends.     Bes...
  • In 2017,  we made huge investment in improving our manufacturing center. We bulit up an auto-welding production line by introducing four  Yaskawa welding robots which are able to process rectangular steel grating panel with max dimension of 1000mm*1500mm(width*length).   Each robot has an ...
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