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Ningbo Jiulong mesin Manufaktur Co., Ltd (NJMM)
Dupi salah sahiji ngarah pabrik specializing dina ngahasilkeun waja pencét-dilas grating di Cina. Lokasina di kota palabuan kawentar -Ningbo.
Cai mibanda lalulintas merenah tur lokasi punjul kalayan ngan 30-menit drive ka Bandara Internasional Lishe Ningbo na ngan 25-menit drive mun Ningbo Port-port laut kawentar internasional jeung kauntungan tina non-silting, jero-cai jeung és-gratis sadayana sataun buleud.


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  • Metal Bar Grating Welded Steel Bar Grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost-efficient production and ease of installation. It is the ideal materials for application such as airfields, highways, industrial plants, truck and bus terminals, parking lots and railroad...
  • Special shaped steel gratings Ningbo Jiulong Manufacturing Manufacturing Co., Ltd offers tailor made grating panels as per fabrication drawings. In our workshop, there is an automatic acetylene cutting machine which can process grating panel with max size up to 7500 mm long and 3000 mm wide.     ...
  • Working platforms and aisle steel gratings shall be designed to avoid tripping of pedestrians. To avoid tripping of pedestrians, steel gratings shall be flat and the height difference between adjacent steel gratings, steel gratings and members shall not exceed 4mm. In order to prevent the risk of...
  • Special-shaped steel grating is made of various irregular shaped steel grating and platen according to customers’ requirements by cutting the welded steel grating and so on. The features of special-shaped steel grating are as follows: 1) Assembled for round, trapezoid, semicircle, sector; 2...
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    Tree grating

    The main body of the tree pool cover is composed of two or four symmetrical plates butt joint. The center of the cover body is provided with a tree hole, and a plurality of water leakage holes are arranged around the tree hole. The tree pool is mainly used for the greening trees on both sides of ...
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