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Profésional grating solusi supplier. Top grating produsén di Cina.

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Ningbo Jiulong mesin Manufaktur Co., Ltd (NJMM)
Dupi salah sahiji ngarah pabrik specializing dina ngahasilkeun waja pencét-dilas grating di Cina. Lokasina di kota palabuan kawentar -Ningbo.
Cai mibanda lalulintas merenah tur lokasi punjul kalayan ngan 30-menit drive ka Bandara Internasional Lishe Ningbo na ngan 25-menit drive mun Ningbo Port-port laut kawentar internasional jeung kauntungan tina non-silting, jero-cai jeung és-gratis sadayana sataun buleud.


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  • According to the different types of flat steel, steel grating is mainly divided into the following four types: Plain Steel Grating: One of the most widely used grating, available for flooring, sidewalk, drainage pit cover, stair tread,etc. Serrated Steel Grating: Better non-skid property& sa...
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    Safety Fence

    Our fences are made from steel gratings and other forms. Steel grating fence is a rigid and economical choice for fencing system. They are widely used in municipal projects, gardens, workshops and factory buildings, living quarters, highways etc. And have the advantage of beautiful looking, good...
  • Serrated steel grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost-efficient production and ease of installation. And our Jiulong serrated grating also has non-slip characteristics, no sharp edges and serrations are rolled on, to meet strict health and safety requirements. ...
  • On September 25th, 2020, we held a micro-landscape plants the activities.   Microlandscape is a new kind of handmade craft that puts plants into a glass bottle to create a miniature landscape that mimics the natural landscape. In the activity, the teacher first introduced the plants, cultiv...
  • installation of steel grating floor and stair tread
    The installation of steel grating welding and installation folder can be used two ways; welding fixed for the permanent position does not require demolition, such as equipment around the platform; and with the use of the installation folder does not undermine the zinc layer and the demolition of ...
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